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Holiday Magic on the Ave - Band Caroling

Update!  We have a schedule.
Friday, November 30th
5:15pm - Meet in Bandroom to get instruments and warm-up
5:20pm - Vocal group starts their performance.  If you are in both groups, make sure Mrs. Klein is aware and get your instrument BEFORE the vocal group performance.
5:30pm - We walk over to the performance area with music stands or lyres.
5:45pm - Brass group performs
5:55pm - Woodwind group performs
6:05pm - Finale performance of Jingle Bells all together.
6:10pm - Walk back to the bandroom to pack up

What:                We will play short holiday tunes from a book during Holiday Magic on the Ave.

When:               Please note NEW date and time FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30th from 5:45 - 6:05  (Brass will play first, then woodwinds).

Who:                  All instruments are invited to sign-up but I will choose the group based on seniority and balance. Please sign-up         by November 2nd and ONLY if you can make all the rehearsals and performance. 

Rehearsals:        We will meet to rehearse after the already scheduled marching band rehearsals on November 8, 14, 15, and             29. Rehearsals should last about 30 minutes.