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Please log onto Google Classroom for more lesson information.

I have lesson slots that will rotate through 2 periods (2 and 7 ) on the 6 day cycle.  My goal is to always have your lesson on the same day of the cycle, but a different period so you miss the same class once a month or less.   Please sign up for a lesson (sign-up sheet is posted on my door) and get a Band Lesson Pass from me. 

Please check in with your classroom teacher at the beginning of the period and tell them that you have a lesson (show them your completed band lesson pass).  Once you get any assignments, come down to the band room for your lesson.  

If you can not attend your lesson at the scheduled time, try to come down to a lesson during a different lesson time that same day or any period that you have a study hall (even if I have a class) that same day.  If I have a class, I will have you practice the scales and band selections in a practice room.  If possible, I will ask you to borrow a chrome book to record evidence of your progress.  If you can not come to a lesson during any period on the requested day, please let me know and we will work from there. 

Do you take private lessons?  If you are planning to take private lessons instead of lessons in school, please let me know each marking period and fill out a private lesson log found below.

Lisa Klein,
Dec 17, 2018, 8:51 AM