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2019-2020 Syllabus

Your grade will be based on an 100 point scale.  It is divided up as follows:

30 - Concerts (you have four after school performances a year.  They are mandatory.  If they are missed, a make-up assignment must be completed shortly after the missed concert or credit will be forfeited).  Kaleidoscope, Winter, Pre-NYSSMA, Band Picnic.

30 - Participation.  This grade consists of punctuality, prepared for rehearsal, participation, and respect for the room and others.  (I grade these things daily and will make an announcement about quarterly locker and folder checks. 

12 - Lessons.  Students are responsible for five lessons per marking period.  There will be in-person lesson times, scale and excerpt video submissions, and practice logs to fulfill this requirement.

28 - Assignments