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Theory Assignments

Assignments from MP1

Week 9 (October 29-November 2) - Complete mad dashes from Chapter 11:  1a, 1b to 80%, and  2b to 67%. (We did 2a as a class).

Chapter 11 Composition pages 354-358, a minor melody in AABA form.

Chapter 12 Started Mad Dashes: 1a (do in original version), 2a, 2b, 2c (we did 2b and 2c as a class)

Week 10 (November 5 - 9) - Continue working on Chapter 12 Blues Scales Mad Dashes 1a, 2a, 2b (we did 2c as a class)

Chapter 12 Composition pages 272-276.  Chapter 13 Rhythm Advanced. 1a, 2a (student), 1b, 2b (class), 3a (start as class). Ear Training in next Gen.

Week 11 (November 13-16) - Finish Chapter 12 Composition and perform for class. Chapter 14 Advanced Intervals Complete 1a, 1b, and 1c. 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, and 3a.

Week 12 (November 19-20) - Catch up days.

Week 13 (November 26-30) - Chapter 15: 1a (complete individually),  1b (complete as class),  2a (as class), 2b (individually),  3a (as class), 3b (individually), 4a (as class), 4b (individually)
Chapter 16: 1a (as class), 1b (individually)

Week 14 (December 3-7) - Review from Chapter 11-15.  Chapter 16 do 1a, 1b 2a, 2b and 3a. Chapter 17: 1a and 1b.  Can be done digitally or on paper. Chapter 11 and 12 compositions are due Friday, December 7th.
Week 15 (December 10-14) - Continue any catch-up work from the beginning of the marking period.  We analyzed and performed "Jingle Bells" and "What Child is This"  in class.
Chapter 17: 2a and 2b (digitally or on paper).

Week 16 (December 17-21) - Continue to anaylze and perform various holiday songs on hand bells.  Chapter 17a and b (digitally or on paper).

Week 17 (January 2-4) - Review from beginning of year with Circle of Fifths and Rhythm.  

Week 18 (January 7-11) - Continue review with more rhythm, Circle of Fifths Composition and writing a performing a Blues Scale.  Chapter 18 - 1b. 

Week 19 (January 14-18) - Quarterly Assessment and starting work on V7 chords.  Chapter 19 1b, and 2a

Week 20 (January 21-25) - REGENTS WEEK  More work on V7 chords and introduced transposing.  Chapter 19 1a (done as class), 1b or 1c, 2a  Chapter 20 1a and 2a.

Week 21 (January 28 - February 1) Chapter 20: work on transposition packet.  

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