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2019 Alumni Dinner (no Playoff Game)

Friday 11/8/19

Mini-Marching Band will perform at Alumni Dinner at 6:00pm (they need to report at 5:30pm)
-This band is seniors, captains, and a few others to make a smaller version of our band that will fit nicely in the tree room (we perform on the attendance desk side). I asked students to volunteer for this band at an earlier rehearsal. 

Unfortunately the full band will not be able to play at the Playoff game on 11/8/19.  

Full Band Report to UEHS at 6:30pm (Game starts at 7:00) 

Wear warm school spirit clothing (we will not be wearing uniforms)

We will not be doing the half-time show, just playing in the stands.  We may or may not be playing the SSB.

See you there!!