Drum Major Audition Info

The video below has a lot of good basics to think about when learning how to conduct as a drum major

YouTube Video

Conducting Tips: 

· When conducting your hands should mirror each other 

· When conducting in four it is sometimes helpful to think: 
1. Down 
2. In 
3. Out 
4. Up 

· To conduct in three simply leave out beat 2 think: 
1. Down 
2. Out 
3. Up 

· To conduct in two leave out beats 2 and 3, think: 
1. Down 
2. Up 

· When conducting in marching band clarity is key. You want everyone to be able to see what you are doing and be able to understand what you are doing. This is why in marching band we normally conduct using a larger and more simple pattern than we would use inside for a concert band.