Virtual Performances

There are currently three Virtual Performance opportunities  for you to participate in if you wish.  Below are details.
1) Virtual performance at the Crystal City Competition
    How? - Record your self performing your part of "Louie, Louie".  Be sure to wear U-E Colors!
    When? - The recordings will need to be submitted to Mrs. Klein by 9/18/20 to be included in the performance. If there aren't enough recordings,  we will submit the dome video from last year instead.
    The competition will occur on 9/26/20.  I hope we can have a virtual watch party.

2) NYSFBC Virtual Performance of "New York State of Mind" SEE WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION
    Complete this form to sign up.  Information and music will be sent to you.
    We can have a Tuesday night rehearsal to go over the tricky parts.  Master Classes on 9/19!
    Submit recordings by 10/4/20 to the NYSFBC to be included in the final performance which will air on 11/1/20.

3)  NYSFBC Virtual Solo and Ensemble competition
    This is great for those of you who started learning a piece for NYSSMA, or if you always wanted to try it out.  
    I will help you choose music and coach you on your piece and recording. Recordings are due on 10/18/20 and scores will be released on 11/1/20. For more information and to sign up for this Competition, please look on the UEMB Google Classroom site.  Here is the  link  for the site. 

For the recordings,  if you aren't remote,  you can make those at school.  

How do you make recordings?
1)  PRACTICE your music until you can perform it as well as possible from start to finish. 

2) Make sure you practice with a backing track if you are doing a virtual band performance.  Listen to the backing track on headphones while you play the music so the only sound that is heard is your instrument. Colorguard can leave the music on!

3) Set up your phone or other recording device in landscape mode.  Do a test to check your sound level and lighting.  Make sure your performance lines up to the backing track!

4) After your recording is done,  submit it to Mrs. Klein or NYSFBC.