Zoom Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 24th 7-8pm - Band Camp Day 1
 Staff Introductions - Mrs. McCabe and Codie
We watched the Dome video from last year.
We used the reactions and chat functions on Zoom.
I asked the band to fill out the form to request instruments if they didn't have one yet.
We went into breakout rooms for Percussion, Front Ensemble, and Winds
In the Winds room,  we did some warm-up activities.
Joe lead "Hello, my name is Joe"
We came to attention.  Alyssa used her whistle.
We got out instruments and played some warm-ups.
We attempted to play "Louie, Louie"  Some students had problems with lag.  We may use google meets next time or ask students to turn off their video.

Thursday, August 20th 3-4 - Pre-Band Camp Rookie
Staff, Section Leader and Rookie introductions
We watched the dome video from last year.  
We watched a few videos on coming to attention and  marking time. 
We went over the rehearsal for Monday and where all the music and recordings are so you can practice.  

Wednesday, August 19th 3-4pm - Pre-Band Camp Student Leader Day
Staff Introductions: Mrs. McCabe, Rena and Codie.
We watched the Dome video from last year. 
Purpose of Student Leadership
Keeping Everyone involved
Some Teaching Tips
Kahoot Quiz - How well do you know the UEMB?
Watch videos of Alyssa blowing the whistle to call to attention and some other technique videos from last year.  I asked student leaders to make more to share with the band. 
Used Nearpod to brainstorm ideas for Spirit week and spoke a little bit about making name tags for rookies.