HS NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble


Dates - Video submissions will be accepted from March 19th to March 26th

Here is the link for directions to register and submit your video.


What is it?

NYSSMA Solo & Small Ensemble Festival is a day when students can play a prepared solo for a judge and receive a rating by that judge.


NYSSMA is a great experience for students to grow as musicians. The process of learning a solo and playing it for a judge often leads to students becoming better at their instrument.

NYSSMA scores are also used as placement into honor bands. The students with the highest scores will qualify for the Area All-State Band, This band is made up of the best musicians from our region of the state. Additionally, students can also use their score to apply for Conference All State and NYSBDA Honor Band which include musicians from all over the state.

NYSSMA Requirements:

#1 Solo

Prepare a solo from the NYSSMA Manuel and bring Two Original Copies of Music to your adjudication.

Photocopies are illegal, and will cause automatic disqualification.

#2 Scales/Rudiments:

Level I-II Soloists must prepare any 3 major scales

Level III-IV Soloists must prepare any 7 major scales

Level V-VI Soloists must prepare all 15 major scales

Drums: Long Roll and prepared rudiments required.


NYSSMA is normally on a Friday and Saturday in the Spring. Once you sign-up you will be assigned a time slot on one of the NYSSMA dates. Each time slot is about 15-20 minutes. This year the festival will be virtual and you will submit a video instead of an in-person performance.

Scale Sheets & Fingering Charts


Although NYSSMA charges a fee for each student the U-E School District pays that fee on behalf of each student. An exception to this rule is for piano solos. The fees for each are below.

piano 1-4 = $22

piano levels 5-6 = $30

#3 Sight-Reading:

Sight-reading is required for all soloists. The student will be allowed one minute to study the sight-reading before performing it.

Students are allowed to hum or silently play their instrument during the study period.

How to Sign-Up

Fill out a NYSSMA form. They are available in the and room or you can print one out by following the link at the top of this page. Forms are generally due in mid January but that changes depending on the date of each year's Festival. The information for this year is listed at the top of this page.


Other Details:


All students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Johnson City High School.

Small Ensembles:

Ensembles have the same requirements except no sight-reading, scales or rudiments

Piano Players:

You need to pay for your solos.

piano 1-4 = $22

piano levels 5-6 = $30