NYSSMA Solo & Ensemble Festival

NYSSMA Requirements:

#1 Solo

Prepare a solo from the NYSSMA Manuel and bring Two Original Copies of Music to your adjudication.

Photocopies are illegal, and will cause automatic disqualification.

#2 Scales/Rudiments:

Level I-II Soloists must prepare any 3 major scales

Level III-IV Soloists must prepare any 7 major scales

Level V-VI Soloists must prepare all 15 major scales

Drums: Long Roll and prepared rudiments required (see link below).

Scale Sheets & Fingering Charts

#3 Sight-Reading:

Sight-reading is required for all soloists. The student will be allowed one minute to study the sight-reading before performing it.

Students are allowed to hum or silently play their instrument during the study period.

Other Details:


All students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Johnson City High School.

Small Ensembles:

Ensembles have the same requirements except no sight-reading, scales or rudiments