Fund Raising

Information on Student Accounts

Fund Raising!

You can earn some money for band trips, supplies, etc.

Here are our current sales.

Tumblers/Water Bottles: Our tumbler/water bottle sale is up and running. Everything is done online for this sale, and tumblers are shipped directly to the customer. There are 3 different tumblers to choose from with two different logos. You can choose either the UEMB logo or just the UE logo. There is a 12oz, 20oz and Water Bottle, they are all $30/tumbler. These will make great Holiday gifts for your band/guard member! Click here to order yours:

Kathy, Dave and Eric’s Coffee Fundraiser - Formerly Java Joe’s Coffee, we are selling bags of coffee and non refrigerated cookie dough. This is a Student Account/Booster fundraiser, meaning every item your band/guard member sells, they will earn them $2.50! This money will be available for Florida reimbursement. This fundraiser will take place from 9/26-10/6. Order forms are available in the band room. If you have questions, please contact Val Augenstern @

Chocolate sale - This sale started a few weeks ago and most boxes are gone. If you are interested in selling, contact

Flyers for current fundraising activities will be available in the band room.

Past Sales (we will definitely do them again though)

Fruit Sale - The fruit sale is one of our biggest money makers and it will start in the next month or so. Check back for updates.

Kettle Corn Sale - normally takes place in the DO parking lot on a Saturday, YUM!

Pampered Chef -

Gift Cards -