The school code is "UEBands"

What is charms?

Charms is a piece of organizational software that the UE Bands are now using.

This software helps us keep track of instrument rentals, trip payments, student accounts and much more.

What can I do when I log in?

See your trip payments and outstanding balances.

Check your student account balance.

Use a credit card to pay for trips and other merchandise.

View what school equipment is assigned to you.

Check what forms are owed.

How do I log in?

Each student has a charms account.

The first time a student logs in they will need their student ID number. This number can be found on trip statements or can be gotten from Mr. Bill.

Please ask Mr. Bill for the ID if you would like to log in. When you log in the first time you will be asked to create a password. This will be what you use to log-in in the future (not the student ID number)

Where is my student account balance?

After you log into charms click "Finances"

Your student account balance is called the "Miscellaneous Balance Credit"

Click here to log into Helper Account

(This link will not work for student accounts)